In What is syntax highlighting and how does it work? it says:

If you're curious whether a tag has a language hint, any user is capable of checking by visiting that tag's wiki page. The language hint (if any) that is currently being used for that tag will be displayed at the very bottom, below the buttons for the wiki

At what reputation level can users suggest the language hint to be used for a tag via its tag wiki?

My understanding is that those with 20K+ or moderator privileges can approve such suggestions.


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Currently only moderators can change it. It is read-only text to everyone else, present solely so users can figure out which highlighter is being used for a given tag.

There is no mechanism in place whatsoever for "suggesting" it be changed outside of simply creating a new support request on Meta requesting it be changed for a given tag. There is no mechanism for high-reputation users. It's only a drop-down menu accessible to moderators.

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