I had a perfectly reasonable request that I create a link with words instead of a 'bare link'. Another person gave me an example, but I don't understand it and should not ask that in comments. Could someone help me? I would prefer an example with step by step instructions as I am not particularly savvy.

if what I have here works, I can do this (like a stupid pet trick).

http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/ask?newreg=48251eb69f774f069cf3f85f3dc5a7e2' target='_new'>question

Sorry but using words like Markdown only works for a person with some understanding -- this is why the question is not a duplicate for me.

  • and it didn't. This was where I had the problem movies.stackexchange.com/questions/64314/… – WRX Dec 5 '16 at 15:08
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    It's all explained in the Markdown help – Cai Dec 5 '16 at 15:27
  • okay thanks. Markdown is not a term I've ever heard or used before and I would not know where to find Markdown help -- so I copied/pasted the link Cai supplied. Just so you understand, it took me half an hour to find the chat link. I am not at all savvy about this site and so have to ask questions at that level of understanding. I do appreciate all the help though. – WRX Dec 5 '16 at 15:33
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    There is a little "?" button in the post editor and a "help" button next to comment fields that both give a brief explanation and link to that help page :) – Cai Dec 5 '16 at 16:24
  • Yes it is a duplicate. Same answer you got here is given in there. – Shadow The Princess Wizard Dec 5 '16 at 16:25
  • thanks again Cai. I never noticed the help button before. – WRX Dec 5 '16 at 16:39

The easiest way is not to use HTML, but Markdown:

[the title of the link](http://the.website.com/you-want-to-link-to)

This will result in

the title of the link

HTML works as well, but is more complicated:

<a href="http://the.website.com/you-want-to-link-to">the title of the link</a>

results in

the title of the link

  • my friend's great photos retest – WRX Dec 5 '16 at 15:12
  • I think that worked -- at least it does for me. Can you follow the link? – WRX Dec 5 '16 at 15:13
  • Yes, it works . – Glorfindel Dec 5 '16 at 15:13
  • thank you very much... I can do that! – WRX Dec 5 '16 at 15:14
  • You're welcome, good luck! – Glorfindel Dec 5 '16 at 15:16

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