All Stack Exchange site logos are showing up as the 3D Printing one

This bug just started showing up for me again; I noticed it on both computer and phone.


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I actually managed to screw this up in a new and exciting way as we moved favicon generation around. Due to caching on dev, we missed it. It was a grep for favicon.less, but turns out our base .less includes it via: @import "favicons/favicons", which didn't show up in my grep of "places to fix".

A fix is building out now.


I think it's unfair that 3D Printing gets to stamp their icon all over everyone else's stuff, and no one else does.

I vote that Stack Exchange should create a phantom site called 1 Stack Exchange, which exists only on favicon lists, and which randomly selects an SE site every week to have as its favicon. That way if the favicon / HNQ symbol / top-bar chooser code bugs out, it's some lucky site's turn to get some free advertising. Plus, during December, you can set it to a Christmas tree - you know, for the holiday spirit.

No, seriously, though: good job on the stupendously fast fix on this one.

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