On the emerging IoT.SE which is in private beta I have the privilege to approve tag wikis but have not yet reached the free tag wiki editing privilege. Today another user edited a tag wiki excerpt I edited before. My version was the last and active one. Apparently my approval1 put that edit into effect.

I have moderator tool access and checked, there was no other person approving that specific edit suggestion. However I am not a moderator, so my vote alone shouldn't be binding, should it?

Is my vote binding because I was somehow the owner of the previous version?

1: The site is in private beta and whoever wants to follow that link likely has to detour via Area 51 to get there.


It appears so.

On the review, your name is showing up with the highlight, meaning that you are the owner. And owners have single-click approve/reject powers. As for why you are the owner... I don't know.

As @Aurora0001 mentioned in the comments, it possibly is because you did create the tag wiki, so the system treats it like Q/A. (Yes, I checked and saw that you were the first person to edit the wiki, so you created it.)

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    My guess is that the system sees that @Helmar was the creator and treats it just like a question/answer - the owner gets a binding vote (although I don't know why Community isn't the actual owner). – Aurora0001 Dec 18 '16 at 13:39

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