I'm trying to use the Advanced Search API of Stack Exchange.

The documentation on that page says the tagged parameter should contain

a semicolon delimited list of tags, of which at least one will be present on all returned questions.

This implies that the list of tags will be applied with an OR condition. But the list of tags is applying an AND condition, i.e. the questions in the results are containing all the tags instead of at least one of the tags.

Here is a link to an example query to demo the same, where the query requests for questions tagged for javascript or angularjs, but the results contain only questions that have both the tags.


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This is a long standing (documentation) bug and it has been ignored by both developers and up-voters for 3 and a half years now. (And what kind of bug it is is debatable since at least a few of us prefer the AND behavior.)

Given the staying power of this bug, your only choice is to work around it.
One way is to:

  1. Make multiple queries. For example, one for javascript then one for angularjs.
  2. Then loop through the result sets and remove duplicates

There may be more efficient workarounds depending on your exact needs.

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