I would like to know which string (i.e. keys on transifex) are used for strings in the "Member for" section of the profile page:

  • 3month

  • 2y10m

  • etc...

We have some issues related to these strings on ruSO.

According to my investigation (via transifex data base) some strings use incorrect plural forms. E.g.

  • "1 year, 3 months" // should use years=one, months=few, but years=many, months=few is used instead.
  • "2 years, 1 month" // should use years=few, months=one, but years=few, months=many is used instead.

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The following time strings are used with the various member for variants across the site (on the election page, user account info page, user page, and users list page):


There was indeed a bug with the ordering of the variant conditions in our localization code, so it was correct in some cases and invalid in others. A fix is rolling out in the next build (build rev 2017.1.3.4401 on ruSO).

  • Did you test cases from the question? Jan 3, 2017 at 19:23

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