I would like to know which string (i.e. keys on transifex) are used for strings in the "Member for" section of the profile page:

  • 3month

  • 2y10m

  • etc...

We have some issues related to these strings on ruSO.

According to my investigation (via transifex data base) some strings use incorrect plural forms. E.g.

  • "1 year, 3 months" // should use years=one, months=few, but years=many, months=few is used instead.
  • "2 years, 1 month" // should use years=few, months=one, but years=few, months=many is used instead.

The following time strings are used with the various member for variants across the site (on the election page, user account info page, user page, and users list page):


There was indeed a bug with the ordering of the variant conditions in our localization code, so it was correct in some cases and invalid in others. A fix is rolling out in the next build (build rev 2017.1.3.4401 on ruSO).

  • Did you test cases from the question? Jan 3 '17 at 19:23

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