Bounties allow us to provide a message along with bounties we place, should we deem it useful to include one. I use this myself regularly, and sometimes a decent explanation is warranted so that readers understand what's going on.

However, bounty messages get their newlines stripped out. This can impede our attempts to make our bounty messages readable and useful. Just now I wrote a bounty with 3 paragraphs + a footnote on its own line to maximise its legibility (and could type newlines in the bounty message text input), but after submission the message was compacted into the following:

a rather big chunky bounty explanation paragraph

It's especially strange that bounty messages can be a whole three thousand characters long (enough for a junior essay), while not providing us with paragraphs, a basic building block of legibility:

a couple of lines entered for a bounty message -- below the text box a line says "2881 characters left"

Not that I think I could ever use the whole 3,000 — the message above was just 850.

Could bounty descriptions please leave the newlines I write in them intact?

(Should someone decide to write super-tall bounty messages to abuse this ability, bear in mind moderators can refund bounties; a user making a nuisance is not beyond being acted on.)

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    If the purpose of compacting it into a single paragraph is to retain distinctness between the bounty's fixed information lines and the optional message, perhaps the message could be set off with lightweight styling instead of compacting. – SevenSidedDie Dec 22 '16 at 19:53

Taking SevenSidedDie's comment into account, if the reason for not allowing line breaks is for "distinctness between the bounty's fixed information lines and the optional message", an alternative could be to only allow single line-breaks.

This allows users to separate their bounty descriptions into sections, while keeping the user description as a single text block.

For example

This question question has an open bounty worth +50 reputation

This question has not received enough attention

This is a lengthy bounty description asking that the winning answer meets a specific set of requirements. The question could use some more conversation about things. \n
Adding a second paragraph could be done with a single-lined line break, which would keep the desired distinction between the "official" text, and the custom description. \n
This helps increase readability requested by OP, while ensuring that the current method of displaying bounty descriptions isn't altered drastically. \n
Bounty goes to the answer which best answers the question. \n
Bonus bounties for extra detail. \n

It isn't a perfect solution, but it would give users a bit more control over how their bounty is presented.

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