I just noticed this question on Meta Stack Overflow. It's obvious that it should be tagged and not , as the feature has shipped as of a few months ago.

The only problem is, the last activity was 4 months ago, and I'm not a moderator[citation needed] so I can't make the change myself.

I see a few different possible approaches:

  • Apply a tangential edit to the post to bump it
  • Raise a custom flag on the post explaining that it should be retagged
  • Ping a ♦ moderator or community manager in chat with a link to the post

What is the best way of proceeding in cases like this? Are there other things I could do that I'm missing?

Awaiting retag via Meta-effect in 3, 2, 1…


You should flag for moderator attention, as they are the only people who can do something about it. This is a perfect use case for a custom moderator flag, as long as you clearly explain what needs to be done and why.

I'd reserve pinging them for urgent issues, and even then, flag first, ping later.

  • Kinda thought so – Stephen Leppik Dec 22 '16 at 20:27
  • 1
    Still, it can take a long time for them to react. – Glorfindel Dec 22 '16 at 20:27
  • 1
    We don't always apply the tag because we can't always verify ourselves that it's actually completed without putting in quite a bit of effort. Even as staff, we still don't always know and might have to go bug a bunch of devs to figure out whether or not they remember doing it. A lot of these flags sit around because nobody really knows (they make up a majority of the flag queue here on Meta SE). Unless it's a fairly straight-forward change that can just be seen on a page, yes, it's likely to sit there for a while, and pinging us about it won't actually change anything. – animuson Dec 22 '16 at 21:01

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