When I ask a question (usually on Stack Overflow) I often get answers or comments very quickly. How do people know my question has been asked? Along the same lines, if I'm interested in helping to answer a question about a certain topic, how do I hear about new questions on that topic?

Is it possible to subscribe to a tag and be notified when a new question that uses that tag is posted? That would seem like the best solution, but I don't see a way to subscribe to tags.


Multiple ways!

You can add tags as you can add "Favorite Tags" where questions with that tag will be highlighted:

enter image description here enter image description here

as seen in blue here at Meta Stack Exchange. You can also click on a tag to see all of its questions that uses it, with a filter option called "newest" (example with the ). With some sites like Beta sites, questions don't come out that often and can be found just by looking through the newest questions.

As Werner said, you can subscribe to a tag to "receive emails or via RSS" (picture also in Werner's answer):

enter image description here


People who find relevant content to your question most likely have the following two attributes:

You can subscribe to tags and receive emails or via RSS. Visit the specific site's tag page - http://<site>/tags (or anywhere there is a tag you're interested in), search for a tag you're interested, hover over it and select subscribe or rss:

enter image description here


Many users will just put a browser tab on the "Active" or "New" sub-tab of their favorite tag and refresh when the websocket says new questions are available. There is even a helpful title change when new questions show up.

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