I'm looking to obtain a list of another user's posts that I have upvoted. I learned in a previous question that this is not possible through the Stack Exchange Data Explorer, because any private data, including up/down votes, are not included in the SEDE data dumps.

That left me wondering: Is such a list theoretically possible to obtain by writing my own app that uses the Stack Exchange API? If so, are there any apps that anyone has written that already do this?

I have seen this question: Does the API support viewing user's voting activity? However, that question appears to be asking if it is possible to view all users votes, as the OP wants to do some sort of study on different users' voting activity. I realize that it would not be possible to see any users votes, as that is private information. What I'm asking, however, is whether it would be possible to write an app using the API that would allow me to log in and view my own votes. This would be similar to what is available on the website looking at my own profile, but because I'm writing my own app, I could potentially do more searching and present the data in a different way than what is available on my profile tab. The answers on that other question do not explicitly answer this question.


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Yes! You can do this with the API, but it's a bit of work.
Here's the approach:

  1. Get an access_token with the private_info scope.
  2. Query a list of your target user's posts using the /users/{ids}/posts route, BUT:

    1. You will have to pass the access token.
    2. You will need to use a filter that returns the upvoted property.
  3. Page through the post results as needed and check the upvoted property for each post entry.
    This gives you the list you are looking for.

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