There are several default tags which are automatically imported to all metas. (See also here.) It seems that some of them have been also imported with the tag-info. By looking at metas of some relatively new sites it seems that the tag-info was imported for

It has already been reported that the link to revision history does not work for those tags: Revision history links for wikis/excerpts for standard tags on metas (status-*, bug, discussion, etc) result in 404 error

I will add to the bug report linked above that if a tag info is edited then revision history is created. But it behaves as if the user who edited the tag actually created it. For example:

I will also add a link to related discussion in chat.

It is very likely that this problem and 404 error for revision history have the same root cause. But I thought that it might be worth pointing out that apart from that, this also causes incorrect attribution of edits and suggested edits are shown incorrectly (in fact, non-existent edit suggestions are sometimes generated) and rejection of a suggested edit my result in removal of the text of the tag-info.


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