Some of us were trying to figure out how to use the redaction tool correctly, as it can be a little counter-intuitive, when somebody pointed out the documentation in the moderator newsletter. That was, in fact, just what we needed -- but, 11 months later, I for one didn't remember that it was there.

Moderators see an additional section in the Help Center for moderator tools. Could we add the information about this tool there? I think of the newsletter as a place for announcements, but I look for help in the Help Center. The instructions are already written; a cut/paste (or link) would do the job.

In general, when a new tool is announced in the newsletter, could you please review the documentation you've already written to see if it also belongs in the help somewhere? I know this does happen sometimes; I don't know how systematic the process is.

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This seems to come up a lot, so I've written a detailed guide to using this tool. It can be found in the moderator-only section of the help center for your site at /help/redact-revision

There's nothing particularly sensitive about the information presented there - as you noted, we've covered this publicly in the newsletter before, as well as on meta - but I took the opportunity to flesh it out a bit more, with copious example screenshots and a bit of prescriptive guidance. Hopefully this can serve as a platform for future clarifications and guidance when next we encounter confusion.

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