We have an current election running and I noticed the badges are not loading in the election statistics like they should be. It just hangs forever loading badge information:

hung loading badge information

Unfortunately I blew off reporting this for a couple days figuring it would resolve itself, but it doesn't seem to be a temporary problem.


Ugh! The API is misbehaving and caused the site to cull the badges list, so I removed the pagesize parameters from those calls, but we're still not getting the full list of badges for some reason (possibly the API calling code not respecting the unusually high backoff for that route)…so I threw in a null check to at least avoid the error, since that data is only used for the tooltips anyway.

There's a slew of reliability improvements that I intend to make when I have time, but the tl;dr is that it should be working again, for now. Apologies for the disruption.


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