I was perusing my favorite questions list in my network profile when I clicked on page 2. I was surprised when I was confronted with an error stating that no favorites were found. The fact that there is a page 2 option leads one to believe that there is in fact a page 2.

Upon further inspection I found that I had exactly 30 favorite questions. This magic number prompts the pagination controls to appear. To see if this was in fact a bug (a minor bug..) I found another question to favorite, and returned to see if page 2 was still a lie. Alas, the 31st favorite appears on the second page.

I then removed two questions from my favorites list (29 total)... The pagination controls are no longer present on my favorites tab.

I propose that the pagination controls should only appear when there are greater than 30 favorites.

This seems to be related/similar to the issue seen here: Pagination might cause permalinks to open the wrong page, no matter what sorting is used

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    I reported a similar bug over three years ago, it's the in "core" of pagination on stackexchange.com code. (its logic of calculating page count is wrong.) Jan 20, 2017 at 7:16

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Same issue as here, but in a different part of the code.

The fix is out in production now.

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