I posted an Amazon onebox here, and this is the result:

The onebox thumbnail points to this URL, which does not exist.

If it matters, the original URL which was oneboxed is:


Can this please be fixed?

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The problem is that the image address is rendered as //images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/..., but that server does not serve unsecured images. The OneBox rendered link doesn't specify a protocol, so it uses whatever your browser used to access the page

If you access SE chat via https the images work. If you access chat via http they don't. It's probably a better idea to access chat over a secure connection in general, but that URL is just broken. There is no such resource as


but that's what the OneBox will render if your chat connection is unsecured. It should always use https in the OneBox. That url:


works fine.


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