I have inserted three images in my superuser question - see revision 2.

The links were all inserted as [![enter image description here][1]][1]. It seems to work fine, but I would expect simpler syntax ![enter image description here][1] and when I have edited it to such syntax, it still seems to work.

I was inserting them by clicking to Image button and copying an image from clipboard.

To keep the question self contained, I am adding a small image into this question as well.

enter image description here


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This is the intended markdown. What you're actually seeing is an image inside of a link. This allows us to click on the link, to open it.

You can see this in the example below. In the example, we can replace "this is a link" in the link markdown with the image markdown, and we are left with the image markdown as per what you see when you upload images into your questions.

[this is a link][1]
![this is an image][1]
[![this is an image inside a link][1]][1]

You can also extend this functionality by replacing the outer number to point to a specific link. While rare, I find this can sometimes be useful. Note that in such cases, I find it important to include a "rollover" description to further alert the user to the altered link.


Yes, this is done so the image is clickable and can be directly opened.

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