Opening this post in Chrome on Android displays strange tag borders (different padding on the sides):

enter image description here

Open in incognito mode looks fine:

enter image description here

Seems this is due moderator (10k) privilege.

enter image description here

  • Device Manufacturer: LGE
  • Device Model: LG-H860
  • OS Version: 7.0 (1635123498b3d)

Can't repro on another Android (5.1.1) with same Chrome version.

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  • no repro on Chrome 56 / Win10 – rene Feb 4 '17 at 10:35
  • @rene desktop or iOS version also OK. Only this post, and only on Android. – αλεχολυτ Feb 4 '17 at 10:37
  • That is strange then. I doubt there is anything SE can do about it then. no? – rene Feb 4 '17 at 10:39
  • @rene dunno. Such bug is weird and unique - this is its feature :) – αλεχολυτ Feb 4 '17 at 10:42
  • Yeah, I don't see anything special in its raw source either. Weird indeed. – rene Feb 4 '17 at 10:43
  • @rene probably you need mod privilege here. Post updated. – αλεχολυτ Feb 4 '17 at 10:47
  • Yes, I definitely need mod privileges here, thanks ;) – rene Feb 4 '17 at 10:49
  • @rene I meant on Russian SO :) – αλεχολυτ Feb 4 '17 at 10:57
  • 2
    There is a mobile view for mobile devices. Weird design is to be expected for the full site theme on mobile devices, so not really a bug. (i.e. will be declined - simply use the mobile theme.) – Shadow Keeps Social Distance Feb 4 '17 at 12:46
  • @ShadowWizard nevertheless my phone has a bigger screen resolution then my PC. Mobile theme (i.e. mobile-web, as fas as I understand you) is more restricted, so I need to use full-web on mobile device from time to time. – αλεχολυτ Feb 4 '17 at 13:10
  • Of course, you can use full web theme, it will work, but what I'm saying is that the design was not made for mobile devices, no matter what's their screen size. – Shadow Keeps Social Distance Feb 4 '17 at 13:12
  • @ShadowWizard what I can't understand yet is what's a root of such weird bug. I even can't repro on landscape mode if I do refresh ot the page. But if I do rotate (without refresh) from portrait mode to landscape I see same issue. – αλεχολυτ Feb 4 '17 at 13:33
  • Dunno... my own experience is also horrible - fonts in random size, colors sometimes differ... but in mobile theme all is OK. – Shadow Keeps Social Distance Feb 4 '17 at 13:58
  • I can reproduce this, but I doubt there's anything we can do. Tags use extremely basic CSS that's been around for ages. It seems related to the "edit tags" link that appears to the right for 10k+ users, where Chrome seems to be resizing the tags to fit the space left by hiding the element. This isn't proper behavior and should be considered a bug in Chrome for Android. – animuson Feb 4 '17 at 20:56
  • 1
    @alexolut It has nothing to do with the translation of the text. It does this on Meta Stack Overflow too, using the English version. Chrome is just bugged. – animuson Feb 4 '17 at 21:06

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