Along any suggested edit, there’s “Reviewer Stats” on all involved reviewers, like this one:

Community has approved 297542 edit suggestions and rejected 155813 edit suggestions and improved 1209 edit suggestions.

What’s the query for this data on completed review tasks? Or, more precisely, how to get those three aggregate values for each reviewer given a single edit suggestion?

Actually, I’m not interested in data on a particular suggestion:

It’s about the Approval-Rejection-Improvement ratio among all review users. Questions be like:

  1. Who rejected the most?
  2. Whose ratio between approval and rejection is least/most balanced?
  3. What users are the top improvers relative to their other review types?
  4. Which reviewers tend to be the most discerning/benevolent?

I hope to have put it into right words this time. Also, I’m confident at this point that I can compose a suitable query myself as soon as I know how the reviewer stats are queried for.

Note: Some time ago, I submitted a similar question in different phrasing.

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    here is reject/approve: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/626632 I don't know how to get improve.
    – rene
    Feb 10, 2017 at 11:44
  • Thanks @rene, that’s a good start! Other people wonder where to find improvements. I, for one, wonder why the query yields 42/95 for my userid, while the interface says 42/147 (reviewer). It’s an ongoing mystery. Thanks again so far!
    – dakab
    Feb 10, 2017 at 12:49
  • SEDE doesn't have the data for deleted questions so that could explain the difference.
    – rene
    Feb 12, 2017 at 20:38


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