I voted to close a question. Later, I was brought back to the question by a comment and noticed that it doesn't show any votes to close. So I clicked the link, only to see that it said I'd already voted to close the question.

Why would a question not show any votes to close if I'd already cast one?

(The question is here, but let's not meta-effect it, it's not in any way egregious or problematic. I'm just curious what happened.)


You can see the full timeline of things that have happened to a question by taking the post number (42192130, in this case), and filling it into:


So in this case: https://stackoverflow.com/posts/42192130/timeline, which shows that the question was closed after my close vote, and then reopened. So later when I'm viewing it, I don't see a pending close vote (mine was "used" when it was originally closed), but I can't vote to close, either, because you can't vote to close when you've already done so.

(The link above works with answers, too.)

Thank you Jon Clements and rene.

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