Recently digging on the data SE I've found an interesting phenomena. Namely, this.

He has a question and an answer, both with 4 vote count (if it matters: his question has +5/-1, his answer +4/0).

He is not in cage.

On these data, I think his reputation should be 1+5*5-2+4*10 = 66.

Despite that, his reputation is only 1.

His reputation change history seems to show the correct values, although his reputation graph shows a third value (rep 81, with a small decrease around early Januar to 79):

Why is it so? What could affect his reputation out of these?

(P.s. I don't know anything from him, I found his page by some data SE digging.)


An often-forgotten effect of the "spam" and "rude or abusive" flags are that they impose a -100 penalty on the author of the post if they're actioned (that is to say, if enough spam/abuse flags result in the deletion of a post).

This means that if you post some reasonable questions or answers and then follow them up with, for example, an answer that's nothing but one long stream of vulgarity... You'll end up losing some of the privileges you earned with your previous activity. Unlike reputation gained or lost through normal voting on the post, this penalty remains in effect after the post is deleted (even if it is undeleted and re-deleted), and can even offset future reputation gains.

Moderators are empowered to nullify the penalty in those cases where the flags were in error.

This penalty won't show up on your public reputation history and graphs, but the effects are still visible.

See also: What are the “spam” and “rude or abusive” (offensive) flags, and how do they work?

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