In the Stack Exchange Data Explorer main page the Stack Exchange site and it's meta site names are displaying.

For the following site and it's meta site's names are ending with Stack Exchange but not the all others.

  • Software Recommendations Stack Exchange
  • Mathematics Educators Stack Exchange
  • Earth Science Stack Exchange
  • Arduino Stack Exchange
  • Joomla Stack Exchange
  • Expatriates Stack Exchange
  • Beer Stack Exchange

Why these site's names are only ending with Stack Exchange? Initially I thought these sites are recently created by Area 51 proposal. But checking in Area 51, these sites are proposed and launched in different time period.

Is it a bug?

Note: I have Noticed this issue when cross checking this bug

  • This is a bug, as Tim Stone says here, it should be stripped. Commented Mar 7, 2017 at 14:30

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This was in fact a bug, that I just fixed. The "Stack Exchange" should be removed from the site name, and it gets removed on new sites - we just never removed it from existing ones. I just manually updated them and the problem should be gone. (Copying my answer from the linked post)

This has been fixed. We do replace the "Stack Exchange" when we import new Sites every week, but we don't update existing sites which is why these have lingered for a long time.

I went ahead and manually corrected the Sites that had the "Stack Exchange" in the name still.

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