I recently answered a question which I had misinterpreted on my first read-through. My answer was dead wrong, and, rightfully, it was downvoted and comments were added that explained my error.

In this case, I edited my answer and commented that the answer has been fixed, however the downvote and comments remained. This leads me to the following question:

What is the correct response to obsolete comments on an incorrect answer?

  • Flag the comment as obsolete immediately
  • Flag the comment as obsolete after waiting some period of time
  • Leave the comment alone (the edit timestamp will be newer than that comment)
  • Prevent obsolete comments by deleting your incorrect answer and creating a new answer

Or is there some other more appropriate course of action


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If there's an obsolete comment you should flag it as such immediately. There's no reason to leave around obsolete comments on a post. They're only adding noise at that point. If any of the comments are yours, you should of course just delete the comments, rather than flagging.

It's not appropriate to re-post your answer just because you want to remove a comment that is below it, even if you think that the comment is obsolete. If you do this your answer is likely to end up flagged, and the original restored.

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