This is probably a SE bug related to Cyrillic (not being /A-Za-z/). It creates a lot of trouble for Ukrainian.SE community. See the discussion on Meta.Ukrainian.SE.

Here's the steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter the subject "Перевірка того, що в тексті запитання мусять бути латинські літери".

  2. Enter the body:

Чи можна писати ініціали (поруч із прізвищем) разом чи потрібно ставити пробіл між ім'ям та по батькові?` 


> Л.П. Косач


> Л. П. Косач

Чи є правило, яке це регулює?
  1. Enter the tag "bug".

  2. Hit the "Post your Answer", get the "Your post doesn't match..." error message.

  3. Replace the "Чи є правило, яке це регулює?" with "Do we have a rule for that?", post again and everything is fine.

The error message is very confusing, because step #5 doesn't change the question meaning, it's just a translation from Ukrainian to English (which coincidentally makes validator happy).

  • Why are you posting Ukrainian question here on Meta Stack Exchange? We don't accept Ukrainian here (or any language that is non English). Why do you think this is a bug then?
    – Oded
    Mar 13, 2017 at 10:14
  • @Oded sorry, forgot to add links to Ukr.SE. If this bug should be discussed only on Meta.Ukr, how can we escalate it to support team? Mar 13, 2017 at 10:20
  • 1
    You don't need to escalate it - posting it as a bug there will get to the team. We monitor bugs on all meta sites, not just this one.
    – Oded
    Mar 13, 2017 at 10:21
  • @Oded OK, sorry for the noise Mar 13, 2017 at 10:24

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The title and the body of the question are quite short.

I would expect them to indeed trigger the quality controls - I don't see this as a bug, but .

  • 2
    But why then would translating one line to English (on a non-English(?) site) make a difference?
    – Cai
    Mar 13, 2017 at 14:01
  • Could have been enough to nudge the checks into OK.
    – Oded
    Mar 13, 2017 at 14:03
  • Fair enough; the English was one word more I guess...
    – Cai
    Mar 13, 2017 at 14:04

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