As of yesterday, I've started receiving emails for a subscription that do not match my filter.

My filter: Smalltalk Filter (shows items with tags or across all StackExchange sites)

Time of first email: 14 March 2017 at 10:22 UTC

Subject of first email: New questions in Smalltalk Filter filter for Mar 14 - Stack Exchange

Items in first email:

These are in no way related to my filter (tags include and ). I've also checked that none of the tags have a synonym that would explain the issue.

There do not seem to be existing recent questions relating to my topic (the closed one I saw was about job emails from a while ago). I thought the first email was a one-off mistake, until I received another email with three more items that don't match that filter today so I thought I'd better report it.

The filter has been working for months if not years - please fix subscription emails, and let me know if any further information or forwarding the emails to someone would be helpful in debugging.

  • Me too. Had no time to report it yet. Something funny going on there. Mar 15 '17 at 9:56

We're aware of a problem here; I am actively investigating. To keep things in one place, I'm going to post updates here.


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