I realize that this may be a big request, but...

I think that instead of tabs on the recent question activity pages, or more likely as a new tab, adding a more advanced filtering option.

For instance, being allowed to exclude tags, filter by accepted answers or not, and, most importantly, being able to combine multiple filters!

E.g.: Filtering posts with tag Javascript without tags Jquery and AngularJS with no accepted answers and a score >= 0.

I feel like this is a biggish change that, if implemented as a new tab, wouldn't be that hard to implement, but would be very useful.


You can filter posts for all of these things through search.

  • Excluding tags: Add - in front of the tag you want to exclude, eg [discussion] -[filtering] will find all questions that don't have the tag.

  • Accepted answer: This can mean either searching for an answer that is accepted, or a question that has an accepted answer. Both are possible: use either isaccepted:yes or hasaccepted:no.

  • Score: Simply search with the term score:0.. (score:0 will give you posts with a score of exactly 0, not greater than 0, as it would for other numbers.)

  • Multiple filters: Add all of those search terms to find what you're looking for.

Tip: these are all under the "Advanced search tips" next to the search button. For more info, see "How do I search?"


This is already in beta testing on SO, and has been for years. In 6-8 months it will be released more widely.

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    Not really. This project has been frozen and its lead developer left Stack Exchange. They might still do it at some point, but I highly doubt it. More likely it will just be aborted, like other projects. (e.g. Teams) – Shadow9 Mar 21 '17 at 9:24

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