I'd like to propose a setting for chatrooms that prevents link-only messages from being transformed to oneboxes.

Oneboxes have a purpose, and generally speaking they're - sort of - nice to have in chatrooms. Some chatrooms however do not "allow" oneboxes, as they clutter up the transcript. Personally I do not mind oneboxes in "fun" chatrooms (where having fun is literally all that counts), but they can be very obnoxious in rooms where discussions take place.

Problems that I see with oneboxes:

  • potentially content that I don't want to see, from links I wouldn't open (i.e. images)
  • disruptive when it comes to conversations
  • oneboxes can be obnoxiously big depending on the source


  • 5
    Chatrooms that don't allow oneboxing are boring. I fully support this FR.
    – rene
    Mar 21, 2017 at 9:58


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