Give users1 a UI to manually flag or vote a question on their site as being especially suitable as a "hot network question".

You could optionally limit how much this is used (e.g. no more than one topic per day or per week, per site), and keep whatever the current automated algorithm is ... just accept some explicit user input too.

Because, human users of the site might see that "this would be a good network question": a good advertisement for this site, and/or of interest to the wider community (of SE users outside this site).

Recognizing that a topic is especially suitable for other network users, is probably something that a site's trusted human users could do, but which SE's automated algorithm cannot.

I suspect this (human discernment) would make HNQs more interesting.

1 That could mean "trusted users", "all users of the site", or whatever. To avoid confusing new users with extra UI, perhaps "all users above a reputation level".

My point is that the current algorithm selects questions interesting to users of the site.

In contrast, the human users might identify topics which are interesting to non-users of the site.


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No. The Hot Network Questions side bar is not a personal billboard.

The whole purpose of it is to show questions that the site community, as a whole, found interesting, not any single individual, be it trusted user, moderator, or even SE employee.

If such a user think a specific question deserves special advertisement, they can use the proper channels to promote it: their profile, social networks, etc.


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