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What about meta-meta stackoverflow.

Is it also appropriate to use http://meta.stackoverflow.com to discuss Meta Stack Overflow itself?

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Time to re-read "Gödel, Escher, Bach".


I think we need meta.meta.stackoverflow.com

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    Wow, this could get ugly fast. – Dinah Jun 28 '09 at 18:03
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    so where would you discuss meta-meta-SO? ;-) – Yuval Jun 28 '09 at 19:41
  • A capital idea! And, when we wish to discuss the the complement of subjects covered by meta.meta.stackoverflow, we would simply go to moc.wolfrevokcats.atem.atem. – root Aug 13 '13 at 20:28
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    Additionally, am I the only one slightly freaked out by the fact that it never occured to me that echo 'stackoverflow' | rev yields the words wolf, cats, and something a Levenshtein distance of 1 away from revoke? In any case, no one tell Dan Brown. I don't want to have to deal with the consequences. – root Aug 13 '13 at 20:31

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