I spend most of my time on Stack Overflow, but I think the process is the same. If not, perhaps somebody could point me in the right question.

I have some preferred tags, and I see that questions including those tags are highlighted. However, they often include tags of no interest to me.

  • Is it possible to exclude tags?
  • Is it possible to hide the other questions?

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Show newest for a few tags

Search has the ability to do this (up to a certain length). For example, you can see all questions tagged or by searching [feature-request] or [discussion].

On Stack Overflow, I use the New Nav to see only the tags I want. It's a bit more flexible and easy to use. (You may need to opt into the New Nav.)

Hide tags

You can hide questions tagged with your ignored tags.

  • Go to Edit Profile & Settings > Preferences:

  • Under "Ignored Tags", add some tags you want to ignore and select "Hide questions in your ignored tags"

  • Thanks for your answer. I have edited the ignored tags list, and that has helped. I have also opted in for the New Nav. It’s much better, but I wish I could tell it to exclude questions with other tags.
    – Manngo
    Apr 1, 2017 at 11:05

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