I'm reviewing recent custom close reasons in the 10k tools (/tools/question-close-stats) and there are some I'd like to take issue with...

The problem is, the reasons are listed with no link to either the comments or the questions that they were used on. This means it's practically impossible for me to find out which question(s) they were used on and by whom (there is no way to search comments or closed questions by custom reason AFAIK, without using SEDE possibly).

The 10k tools "Close" tab (/tools?tab=close) only allows you to list questions by top level close reasons so that doesn't help much (I'd have to manually check through all the "off-topic" questions).

Could the Close Stats page link to the relevant questions?

A quick mockup of what this could look like (i.e. each row is an expandable list of links):

enter image description here

(I've sorted out the messed up column widths and given the rows a bit of padding in that mockup too so if we could fix that while we're at it that would be super cool, please, thanks.)

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