I wanted to delete my account from Security because I don't use the site and wanted to have a 'clear out'. I used the contact form and requested a deletion link and it was sent through and all was well, so I thought.

However, I went on my profile to check the status and I've now seen that it says that my account will be deleted in 40 minutes ago.

So unless I need to travel in time, I suspect something has gone wrong.

What's happened?

Picture of account deletion.


The job that deletes accounts runs periodically (once every hour, I think). So unless your account was scheduled to be deleted just an instant prior to the job running, there'll always be some period of time less than an hour where you'll be able to see a message like that.

By the time I got to this post, your account had already been deleted.

  • Yeah it's gone now, thanks for the information. – user354226 Apr 14 '17 at 7:34

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