So I have been using the mobile app for a while now, with no errors at all. Today I opened the application up as usual and started browsing the Ask Different (Apple) community. When I tried to downvote/upvote/comment, it said

You are not part of this community, would you like to join it?

I clicked yes, because it wouldn't let me do anything else. Even after clicking yes, it would not let me upvote, and soon crashed.

When I reopened the app, the same thing occurred. I decided to logout, and log back in, but had no success. Finally, I decided to reinstall the app, but once again had no luck.

I am on the Latest Android (7.1.2) and am on a Google Pixel.

Not sure if it's my issue, because the new software updates rolled out today, or if it is a general bug.


I too just had the same issue.

The solution I found was to clear the app data and cache.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Stack Exchange > Storage
  • Click CLEAR DATA
  • Open the app and login again.
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