I recently reached over 1k rep on a site which means I can see the voting breakdowns for questions and answers which is cool.

However when using the iOS app (and Android I assume) you can't see the voting breakdown (by clicking on current vote score) and you need to go to the full site of a web browser to see the voting scores properly.

I appreciate this isn't mission critical but with it being a feature that requires (that much) rep to attain, I feel it's worth adding to the mobile apps.


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With the Established User privilege at 1,000 on this site you would be able to see those vote counts on the iOS app.

I can certainly see them here by click and holding for a second or so.

  • It seems as if you have to press down for it to appear. With it being a single click on a computer I thought the app would only require a tap. Learnt something new. Thanks.
    – user354226
    Apr 19, 2017 at 11:41