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Now, What should we do if the OP of the question ask certain user(s) not to post an answer (because he already know the opinions of the user or in the worst case due to opinion clashes)?

For example they added a note at the end of the question like this:

Dear X, I have seen your opinions many times regarding this topic and I know what you will say. I suggest you not to answer this.

How should we handle situation like this one?

This is what I have seen from a user on one of the sites I participate and such a note is removed by the OP after being asked to do so.


We're interested in the content, not in the person.

Explicitly asking a specific user to not answer is likely to be counterproductive. It is also likely to cause heated emotions and pointless drama.
As PolyGeo points out in their answer, a request like that is irrelevant to the question, and will be edited out. Similarly, asking a user not to contribute in a comment, will just result in the comment getting flagged and removed.

The closest thing you could do, is create a userscript that hides the contributions of a particular user. Or just ignore that user.

Note that you can vote, but you should vote on the contents - if their anwer is factually wrong, by all means downvote. But if their answer is factually correct, and you just don't like it - that's not a reason to downvote.

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No, but if you think their answer is not useful then you are free to downvote it, if you have achieved the privilege to do so.

Also, I would expect a comment like that to be perceived as chit chat and edited out of your question.

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