Following Implement a Tag Black List, I would like to know what exactly it means for a tag to be blacklisted on a Stack Exchange site.

  • Does it mean I can't use that tag on my question?
  • What are the reasons for blacklisting a tag?
  • Who can blacklist tags?
  • Why am I being prompted to remove a tag from a question I'm editing?

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What is a blacklisted tag?

A blacklisted tag is a tag that can no longer be used in a specific Stack Exchange community. Blacklisted tags are automatically blocked from being used or created on a site.

What are the reasons for blacklisting a tag?

A tag may be blacklisted for a number of reasons. It may be a redundant tag, such as a tag on Arqade or a tag on Stack Overflow. It may be a meta tag describing the character rather than the topic of a question. In general, there is usually a shared consensus that these tags add little to no value to a question. The blacklist is usually only employed in cases where a tag has been recreated multiple times despite such consensus.

Examples of blacklisted tags include, but are not limited to:

Who can blacklist tags?

Tags can only be blacklisted by Stack Exchange employees. However, you can request a tag be blacklisted by posting with on the relevant per-site meta. (See "How should we make tag blacklist requests?" for more information).

Why am I being prompted to remove a tag from a question I'm editing?

Blacklisting, by itself, does not automatically remove the tag from questions using it before it was blacklisted. However, if you edit a question that currently uses a blacklisted tag, you will be prompted to remove it before you can submit your edit.

See also: Why do we burninate instead of blacklisting?

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    Blacklisted tags are not automatically removed. It only prevents further questions using it, as well as preventing questions already using it from being edited without removing the tag. Sometimes we also purge a tag in the process of blacklisting it, but not always. – animuson Apr 24 '17 at 23:15
  • @animuson Edited my answer accordingly. Thank you for the correction – Stevoisiak Apr 24 '17 at 23:18

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