Where should I ask a question about Pandoc that isn't TeX-/LaTeX-specific?


  • Can I specify command line options in a Pandoc Markdown document?

    Sometimes, a *.md file requires (due to its content) a certain set of command line options regardless of the desired output or of other, more optional command line options. E.g. when the document contains pandoc-fignos-style figure markup, --filter pandoc-fignos will always be required when wanting meaningful non-intermediate output.

    Instead of having to remember which of my Pandoc documents requires what options, can I declare arbitrary command line options within the file itself, e.g. inside the YAML metadata? Or is there a corresponding metadatafield for each and every option that I could set instead. (If the latter, how can I find out about those field, e.g., what would be the corresponding field to --filter?)


  • Can I specify multiple bibliography (BibTeX) files in Pandoc Metadata?

    Often, journal websites and other sources offer downloadable *.bib files for referring to individual articles. If I use these, I like to keep them as they are instead of merging them into a single file. On the command line, several files can be specified by passing the --bibliography option multiple times. Can I also list multiple files in the YAML metadata inside the document itself?


(The latter question isn't LaTeX specific AFAIK, as pandoc-citeproc will process references and *.bib files even for inputs/outputs that don't to through LaTeX for processing.)

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Sounds like programming. There's nearly a thousand Pandoc questions at Stack Overflow.

I only see a handful of questions on other sites.

  • Thank you! Although I somewhat disagree that this "sounds like programming", I'm following the lead of those who've asked before me and have asked this questions here and here. The first one actually already has some potential duplicates on Stack Overflow.
    – das-g
    Apr 26, 2017 at 9:00

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