I know, that the meta sites (e.g. meta.stackoverflow.com, ell.meta.stackexchange.com, etc) exist for discussing the corresponding main sites (i.e. stackoverflow.com, ell.stackexchange.com, etc).

Still, I have a question: do posts on meta site (I mean, meta of some site, not the global one) are obliged to follow some constraints? If yes, what exactly?

For example, posts on main sites: (1) are required to be questions; (2) should not provoke subjective answers. Is this true for meta? I mean:

  1. Is every -tagged post on meta obliged to be formulated as an explicit question? (Can't it be implicit request for discussion of some situation?)
  2. Can't post in meta ask for opinions about some specific earlier-happened case on the corresponding main site?

Specific example (but I more need clarification in general rather than judgment for the specific example): I this meta-post closed correctly: "Should we put notices at good (or ok) answers?"?


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