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I'm pretty baffled by these entries in the migration stats page for Physics.SE:

What do those migration pathways represent? And, more importantly, shouldn't the UI make it clearer what they mean - at minimum thorugh some text, and ideally through the use of a suitable icon?

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From analysis of the same page on Chess SE (where only two migrations have taken place in the past 90 days), I conclude that this is the site's own Meta. I agree that an icon (the gray version of the main site's icon) would be appropriate.


I believe this shows the migration path between the per-site Meta and the main site.

I checked the recent closed questions in Meta and I found three within the last 90 days:

Since What is migration and how does it work? mentions that:

A question can also be rejected by the target community after it has already been migrated if it gets closed as a reason other than duplicate, or gets deleted (usually by the owner) on the target site.

So we can conclude that the 66% rejected boils down into 1 duplicate (33% accepted) and 2 closed (66% rejected).

I agree with Glorfindel's answer on that the icon should be the gray one.

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