After a site graduates, we proceed to have moderator elections. The graduation of Mechanics.SE was delayed for around 9 months because it was unable to "support an election":

But I don't think this site can support an election just yet. In the past we've noticed two problems with sites that don't have a large middle class:

  1. 3 or fewer viable candidates nominate themselves.
  2. Low voter turnout.

So we are delaying the graduation of Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair until there are more potential moderator candidates and voters. -- Jon Ericson ♦, December 30, 2015

So I think: Ah ha! We better work on preparing Islam.SE for a post-graduation election. (Area 51 lists us as just breaching the 10 questions per day mark.) Only, it's not clear to me what precisely the goal is here.

Question: How to determine if a beta site is ready to support a post-graduation election?

I'm expecting the answer would be some kind of desirable "number of users with >X reputation" distribution.

I found a few scattered comments about this:

We already look at "can the site sustain an election?" and "can community moderation work effectively after privilege levels increase?" as graduation criteria. -- Pops ♦, 2015

The only thing holding CR back from graduating is the lack of high rep users - there just aren't enough 1k+, 3k+ users on the site, and it can't quite yet sustain an election. -- Tim Post ♦, 2013

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    Since I'm now a moderator on Mechanics, I feel almost obligated to write an answer for you, which won't give you specifics (as I don't have them ... someone does, obviously), but to show you things on Islam.SE which would definitely help you get graduated. They surely helped us. It's a great feeling graduating. Hopefully you'll see the fruits of your labors pay off soon. Aug 20, 2017 at 22:19


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