I want to ask a question regarding some IoT related hardware. Where is the right place to ask such questions?

Example Question: I am using Banner DMX 100 Wireless Gateway and When i tried to read values from it using the Modbus TCP then it gives me values for sometime but after that it just hangs and stops responding. It then needs a power cycling to bring the unit back on-line. Again it works for some hour and then again the same thing.

Has anyone else faced this issue ? Can someone help me out with this ?

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    Jason C's answer is correct about the IoT site being suitable, as far as I can tell from your post. If you're not sure if your question would be on-topic there, edit with an example question here so we can take a look (or visit our chat room). – Aurora0001 May 25 '17 at 18:56

There is an IoT site dedicated to IoT. However, please be sure to take their tour and read their topic guidelines first.

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