Currently, we are provided with a PNG image, 208x58 pixels.


That's pretty small. Please can you make it higher quality? I'm thinking double the size in each direction - so it's similar in height to a banner advertisement. This would make it around 4x as valuable.

Unlike the request for SVG flair, I request to keep the PNG flair, just improve its quality. This is because I believe it's much harder for the team to implement (I mean they've had nearly 7 years) and a bigger PNG is enough - if not perfect.

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    Why not ask for an SVG version? – rene May 25 '17 at 20:39
  • @rene would be even better, but a) AFAIK they don't have SVG copies of the favicons (and if they do I've never found them) and b) It uses the gravatar image which is not infinitely scalable. – Tim May 25 '17 at 20:41
  • The only real way to retain quality is SVG, as far as I can tell. – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard May 25 '17 at 21:23
  • Well, I wanted to make a flair generator with the API. Then bad JavaScript skills and an accidental infinite loop got me throttled with a back-off time of 12 hours, so... the thought was there, at least! :( – Jason C May 25 '17 at 22:03
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    @JasonC Something like this: stackapps.com/questions/6932/… Visible at timtjtim.co.uk/Flair/flair.html :P Perhaps I'll get my server to render those as higher quality images so anyone can use them. – Tim May 25 '17 at 22:04
  • (@Tim: unrelated but the MIT licence at the bottom of your flair page 404s.) – Mat May 26 '17 at 7:08
  • @Mat Yeah I think I changed the link for that (and I assumed it was only a localhost testing issue). I'll get on it. – Tim May 26 '17 at 12:17
  • Flair looks like poop. Should be redesigned. – user1228 May 26 '17 at 16:19
  • @JasonC See the answer I just posted. Suggestions welcome. – Tim May 27 '17 at 15:01
  • @Won't Have a look at the answer below - if you think that looks okay you can use those. – Tim May 28 '17 at 23:45
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    Is there an official reason for why this image has such low resolution? Anyone that displays it is providing free advertising for SE, so why would SE want it to look bad? – Ray Butterworth Aug 21 '19 at 15:02
  • We really need this. It is only looking worse over time as internet connections improve and people are expecting much higher quality images. – Rudi Kershaw Feb 3 at 14:38

I've done it! Kinda:

Good looking, higher quality Stack Exchange flairs!

I'm running an API to do this on my own server. It looks quite nice:

The example is at this url:


You can get yours at this url:


and check out the Stack Apps post for more information.

  • What about network wide flair? (the one that shows the site icons) – Cole Johnson May 28 '17 at 0:05
  • @ColeJohnson The method I've used that's not feasible - requesting one favicon takes long enough - multiple would cause the first time generation (i.e. uncached) to take over 10 seconds for 8 favicons. At some point requests would start to timeout. – Tim May 28 '17 at 0:06
  • It redirects to a login screen: timtjtim.co.uk/InternalAccess/login.html – Rebecca J. Stones May 28 '17 at 23:30
  • @RebeccaJ.Stones Drat, that was an update gone wrong! Fixed it (almost, give me 5 mins to get favicons back) – Tim May 28 '17 at 23:31
  • @RebeccaJ.Stones BTW you might find EEEEEE to be the best colour, or use google.co.uk/… and the numbers starting with '#'. – Tim May 28 '17 at 23:42
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    Works now! I like purple. (: – Rebecca J. Stones May 28 '17 at 23:45

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