Digging a little bit in the Data SE, I found this old post. In 2011-11-18, it required 18 people to be finally deleted. At least, there are so many voters in the corresponding PostHistory record (id 18268039).

Post deleted by 18 people

How was it possible?

P.s. it wasn't alone, this post has 15 delete votes on 2012-02-21.

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Because the total delete votes needed scale based on score.

Doing a quick history score calculation for that question just before it was deleted gives me this:

up  |  down | score | est. voters needed |
401 |   8   | 393   |   19              |

That roughly matches the 18 voters you've found.

The number of delete votes needed today is capped at 10 but back then there was no limit.


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