Concerning this question:

And this edit:

And this review:

I had edited the question then voted to reopen it. Then, unrelated, I was checking out the review history and noticed the question had a recent reopen review, so I took a look.

What I discovered was this review, which indicated that it happened 8 minutes ago and showed my edit:

enter image description here

But at that point in time I had made the edit only 2 minutes ago, that is, the review happened 6 minutes before the edit it displayed:

enter image description here

AFAIK, edits to closed questions put the question in the reopen review queue. So, given that that appears to be the case here, what happened here? How did the review happen 6 minutes before the edit was made or, if the review was unrelated to the edit, why is it showing the revision from 6 minutes in the future?

I'm tentatively tagging for now, although I may just be misunderstanding something.

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Here's how I believe this played out:

As we can see from your revisions screenshot, the OP of that question edited a single word a while before you made your edit. This would have triggered the reopen review, as I recall that it's the first edit after the closure that does so.

The reviewer then reviewed it 6 minutes before you opted to edit. They saw revision 3 of the question, as that was the most current revision of the post.

When you edited, the review updated to show the new most current revision of the post.

This actually makes sense: If the review didn't update from showing revision 3 to revision 4, reviewers would not be voting to reopen based on the current state of the question. I would bet if the reviewer went back to look at their review, they would also see your edit of the question.

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    This is the answer. The review task was created ~18 minutes after the OPs edit, but the task will always display the most recent edit.
    – animuson StaffMod
    May 26, 2017 at 17:15

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