On mobile there's no CtrlK shortcut or mouse navigation available, and when I write

some code code code
Manually escaped &amp; ,&lt; and &gt;
# These are the only things required to be escaped in HTML

$tack Overflow tells me

You post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code.

But the confusing center says:

Indent four spaces to create an escaped <pre> <code> block.

So what? It means 4-space indention is equivalent to <pre> <code>. This is code if I use <pre> (and <code>) tag!

It looks simple & simple to use <pre> tag 
Even if it doesn't look good in edit mode.
Indention gives me no way to bold or italic my code.
But who cares about edit mode?
Who edits codes?

It's a great job to add 4 spaces before each line in my code when it's tens of lines long, so I'd prefer to change &<>s into HTML escape sequences, which will not pass the test. Can this be more friendly to mobile? I don't want to repeatedly hit space and navigating through lines when a physical keyboard isn't available.

Edit: My question is "Using indention is mandatory for code, which makes it unfriendly for mobile". Why can't I use <pre><code> tag?

  • If that's the cause for that warning that's especially annoying because of the weird equivalence the help center article tries to draw between <pre><code> and the normal format button. – Jason C May 30 '17 at 15:07
  • @JasonC I gave up trying to understand the confusing center. It's too "good" to make me think pre-codetags are capable of replacing indention. – iBug at home May 30 '17 at 15:24

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