Currently item order in review page is differ from the equvivalent list from review popup:

review order

In the picture above item order for page view is:

  1. Triage
  2. Documentation
  3. First Posts
  4. Late Answers

For popup menu:

  1. First Posts
  2. Late Answers
  3. Triage
  4. Documentation

What's the reason to not make them same? Is it just was overlooked?

  • Cross-site duplication in MSO with answer. – Arulkumar Jun 2 '17 at 12:52
  • @Arulkumar thanx for link, but I still can't understand what's the reason to use different ordering. Why muscle-memory is worth for popup, but not for page view? – αλεχολυτ Jun 2 '17 at 13:22

Just reproducing Shog9's answer from that same question on MSO:

They're ordered first by the minimum reputation needed to access the queue, and then alphabetically by the name of the queue.

The purpose of this ordering is to keep the list as consistent as possible until your privilege-level changes - the hope is that folks use this as their primary means of accessing the queues, and as such we're not forcing reviewers to override their muscle-memory every time they go to access a specific queue - a worthy design goal for a menu that appears on just about every page of the site.


The page lists the queues by number of items to review, descending. (Presumably to point out where the most help is needed.)

The pop-up has the list in a static order.

As this only applies to the new Stack Overflow design, though, this question is probably better off at Meta Stack Overflow.

  • Top bar was rolled out to all localized SO sites yesterday. I.e. it reflect not only English SO. That's why I posted it on MSE. – αλεχολυτ Jun 2 '17 at 13:05

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