I have a problem with the moderation button to convert a reply to comment, and is that when I put the following option:

Migrate all comments also in this answer.

This includes also those that were generated since the revision, which seems to me incorrect. It would be good to always exclude the comments that were generated since the review.


@Mariano low quality comment.

That comment ends on the question, so you see this "This does not provide an answer", and one thinks, clearly not, because it is a question.

But there is also another problem ... A @UserName should be added at the beginning of each comment in the response, the username being the owner of the response. In this way, when the response becomes a comment, it is clear that it responds to the response turned into comment and not to the question.

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    AFAIK- review comments are in no way special. I typically just nuke any comment I don't want converted then convert – Journeyman Geek Jun 3 '17 at 22:44

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