On Meta Stack Exchange, there are two tags, and . These two tags are synonyms since the tag wiki of says:

This tag is for questions regarding anonymous users.

The tag says:

This tag is for questions about the anonymous users, i.e. users who haven't registered on the Stack Exchange site or browsing it anonymously (not logged in).

I think that we should keep because although it's less popular than , its name is less ambiguous. I've seen several cases where was used in questions about the fact that voting is anonymous that have nothing to do with anonymous users. Here are a few examples:

I therefore suggest that all questions about anonymous users that are tagged should be retagged to (I personally think that it would have been better to call it but since we already have we might as well use it). The tag could be made a synonym of or simply burninated. If becomes a synonym of , questions tagged that aren't about anonymous users could be retagged manually (this shouldn't be too difficult since only has 84 questions).


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