Looks like some strings pertain to bounty are not used in localization engine (despite of existed translations). In particular:

Seen here:

unlocalized bounty

And here:

answer chosen

Linked bug report on ruSO meta: Отсутствует перевод сообщений о конкурсных вопросах


It seems that translations are used now. You can check the links to the revision pages from the question's body.

But these still need polished translations from translators. A better solution would be to use full sentences instead of concatenating the string from several phrases. E.g.:

Bounty ended with no winning answer by {username}

now is still constructed from:

  1. Bounty ended

  2. with no winning answer

  3. by {username}

Such strings are too hard to localize in particular due to the fixed order of phrases.

Related question: Impossible to localize flag summary page title

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