Strongly related to the continued use of non-HTTPS links, if a custom close reason features a link to meta, that link will be

  1. Using HTTP instead of HTTPS
  2. Using the old format for URLs on meta, meta.stack.stackexchange.com instead of stack.meta.stackexchange.com.

For an example on a specific stack, see
Minor technical issues with off-topic close box over on Science Fiction & Fantasy (SF&F).

This seems to have been fixed on SF&F. Perhaps it was fixed on all Stack Exchange sites?


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I checked on a couple and it looks like this has been fixed.

As Glorfindel relates in a comment,

Those custom close reasons have to be fixed by local moderators, cf. meta.stackexchange.com/q/295054/295232 We can't edit them, only deactivate them and create a new custom close reason. But that will reset the statistics.

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